Secure Development Lifecycle

Customers demand secure, compliant software and – like the end product itself – a software development method must be secure by design, by default, and secure by deployment. Agility is good, and speed to market is paramount but customers need to protect their intellectual property, brand and customer data.

Consider the evolution and sometimes hybrid combinations of waterfall, agile and ad-hoc, the challenge is to ensure that security is built-in to the software development lifecycle across all lines of business in a consistent, adoptable and repeatable way. Zimbani’s people have cumulative decades of experience developing enterprise security software for leading organisations. As software development technology has changed, so has the threat landscape and we’ve been there through it all.

Bringing together world class security expertise from architecture, security, engineering and operations Zimbani will help ensure your software and software development processes are secure, compliant and adaptable to ever-changing threats.