Managed Security Services

The increase in sophistication of threat actors and the methods used to compromise organisational security have driven several organisations to invest in in-house cybersecurity services. The biggest challenge is finding the right people.

Cybersecurity operations are no longer optional when maintaining a digital presence online, and organisations that are forced into adopting ad-hoc services, bundled together, can miss out on achieving a stable online posture, that is resilient to common attacks.

Driven by our deep experience with Cybersecurity Architecture, Governance frameworks, and expertise in operations, Zimbani has created a Managed Security Offering that is more a strategic alliance than an outsource engagement.

Zimbani’s method for outfitting Security operations for a client organisation, follows a comprehensive review of the the client’s own business drivers, and an assessment of critical assets. A pragmatic approach to architecting operations for protecting whats most important to a client,  and ensuring every element is serviceable in a sustainable way, gives Zimbani clients the long term returns on investment they deserve.

A flexible model for service delivery, from outfitting and operationalising in-house SOC ventures, to out-housing and enhancing current SOC operations. Our team looks across the client business drivers, their operational capabilities, identifies areas for enhancement, and applies the appropriate frameworks, to create a Security Operations Centre that is a proper fit to each unique client organisation.

We can build a complete Security Management Framework or focus on specific areas that may require our expertise to establish or extend security capability and risk management within your organisation.



  • End to End Cybersecurity Visibility and Responsive capability
  • Long term operational effectiveness and return on investment
  • Streamlined operations that empower core business for future growth online
  • Designed to reduce Cybersecurity incidents over time, not driven by numbers, but quality of response capabilities.


Best Practices: The NIST Core Cybersecurity Framework

  • An organisational view of Cybersecurity posture
  • Robust framework, for operational effectiveness
  • Adaptable and resilient to organisational changes such as attrition
  • Scaleable