Cybersecurity Red Team

Our skilled Red Team professionals bring a wealth of experience from the Cybersecurity attack space, to truly challenge an organisations’ assumptions about its own security posture in the online realm. Armed with years of cross-domain experience across security disciplines, they design practical breaches and simulate attacks that go beyond standard testing.

The most creative attacks occur where an organisation has known procedures for responding to incidents, and a set pattern for improving their own security parameters.

Zimbani’s RED Team aims at infiltration through multiple defensive layers,  stepping through all the layers that an organisation may assume provides security. Our RED team uncovers gaps that attackers would use, yet an organisation may overlook.

A Zimbani Red Team engagement will immediately contribute to Continuous Security Integration (CSI) initiatives.

Engagements include:

  • Stealth assesments of layered defensive mechanisms
  • Physical Infiltration
  • Low visibility reconnaisance
  • Insider assisted and true outsider attacks
  • Cyber Kill-Chain style attacks

Social Engineering and Physical Security

Customers demand secure, compliant security environments and – like the monitoring and response capabilities – a RED team engagement must challenge assumptions about visibility and reactive capabilities. Agility is good, and continuous improvements driven by assurance and intelligence is good, however, layering defensive mechanisms is a complex task, and inherent weaknesses may occur, which a sequential approach may over look. A Red team is can be the ultimate stress test of an organisations Security Posture and readiness.

Consider the evolution and sometimes hybrid combinations of layered defence and monitoring technologies, occasionally ad-hoc, the challenge is to ensure that visibility is accomplished across the layers and all lines of monitoring in a consistent, adoptable and repeatable way. Zimbani’s people have cumulative decades of experience with enterprise security for leading organisations. As cyber security  technology has changed, so has the threat landscape and we’ve been there through it all.

Bringing together world class security expertise, Zimbani will help ensure you know your own security gaps before the attackers do.

Exposing Critical Weaknesses

We help to ensure that your organisational defence mechanisms are providing you with the visibility required to identify and then quickly respond to unknown attacks, or hacker presence on your networks. Our engagement can help you strengthen your hunt and response capabilities against a real attack.

We are able to do one off and recurring assessments, or if you prefer embed the processes and methodologies internally to your organisation.

Companies must have complete visibility into the activity across their digital assets and this extends further to physical protections around these assets.

A capable RED team will expose the most critical weaknesses and expose assumptions about security, before a real attacker leverages the same weaknesses to cause a breach.

Principles include:

  • Identifying weaknesses and assumptions
  • Visibility into the organisations assets
  • Monitoring capabilities against hacker lateral movement
  • Hunt capabilities against initial day attackst

The Zimbani Red Team Cyber-Attack Chain 

Zimbani Red Team Cyber-Attack Chain