Cyber Security

As a full service Cyber Security company we provide expertise across entire enterprise functions including Identity and Access Management, Cloud Security, Threat & Vulnerability Management and Data Protection.

Security Testing

Our skilled security testers use best-of-breed utilities, combined with years of experience within cross-domain security disciplines and practical methodologies to provide you with real, tangible and usable information to secure your systems.

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Security Assurance

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and services is critical to organizations. Along with the benefits that new technology and services introduce come challenges for the protection of the information they handle.

Our Security Assurance services help IT system owners have increased confidence that the security needs of a system are satisfied.

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3rd Party Assurance

Companies must have complete visibility with whom they are conducting business with both prior to and during engagements to ensure you are protected financially and legally, and assets are not susceptible to threats beyond your control.

We help to ensure that your business partners and service providers compliment and not degrade your technology and business environment.

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Cloud Security

While Cloud is gaining broad organisational acceptance from businesses big and small, risks prevail if not done properly. We work with you to mitigate these risks.

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Security Advisory Services

Having confidence you’re getting the best security advice does not have to be a continuous cost to your organisation.

We’ll help your organisation meet challenges within the evolving threat and regulatory landscape through a pragmatic and cost-effective approach using impartial, independent advice for effective information security management.

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Security Development Lifecycle

Bringing together world class security expertise from architecture, security, engineering and operations Zimbani will help ensure your software and software development processes are secure, compliant and adaptable to ever-changing threats.

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Security Solution Design

Zimbani’s expert solution architects achieve business case objectives.

In-depth understandings of security, operating systems, networks, infrastructure and application architecture empowers Zimbani experts to collaborate at all levels across business, project and technical stakeholders.

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Security Solutions

We provide cost effective end to end solution delivery across a wide range of security capabilities, including Identity and Access Management, Data Security and Threat Management.

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Security Architecture

With some of the most creative, forward thinking, business driven Security Architects in the industry, Zimbani’s trusted advisors consider the strategic paradigm while structuring the relationship between process and technical solutions.

Rational frameworks, a development of patterns and adherence to security controls provides our Security Architects with the tools to achieve holistic enterprise security requirements and granular integration with legacy and enterprise based systems.

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Security Strategy

Security Strategy is a process that provides direction to your organisation, so you can deliver secure products and services to your customers through development of strategies that align with your business objectives.

We’ll help formulate your organisational security strategy by drawing on extensive experience and operational expertise to develop, define and articulate your vision of the security landscape, and cohesively protect your information assets.

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IT Security Governance and Risk Management

Through a consistent and measurable approach, and by practical experience managing information security risk, we help organisations meet their GRC objectives by defining robust frameworks,cost effective tooling and establishment of processes definition.

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