With a team of highly skilled and experienced Network engineers, Zimbani assists organisations by providing evaluation, design, planning, procurement, implementation and support services across the Networking area of your organisation.

Our skilled consultants are available to assist your organisation with the following key components of your network solution:

Network Assessment and Analysis

Zimbani's network consultants can help you get the most out of your current network infrastructure by identifying current and existing risks and opportunities, analysing network approaches, and recommending network services to optimize and improve your network.

Network Design and Planning

Whether you're building a new network or redesigning your existing network, Zimbani's network consultants can help you scope and define the requirements for your upcoming project. Providing network design, architectural design and guidance, and a detailed migration plan to assist you with your network deployment.

Project Implementation

Implementing new products, or product upgrades and migrations can compromise network security, availability, performance and hold back progress unless you take into consideration the impact these changes could have on your organisations network. Zimbani's network consultants have the technical skills and experience to assist with your project implementation, to allow you to progress with confidence with your product roll out.