Continuous monitoring and assessment needs to occur on Operational Support Systems.  Known state recovery, vulnerability assessment & remediation, advanced persistent threat protection, security event monitoring, privilege access management, network intelligence and penetration testing are all key to preserving the availability and integrity of telecommunication networks.  In a competitive market, protecting customer data on Business Support Systems is paramount.  Loss of consumer confidence in a carrier's ability to preserve a customer’s privacy and protect their sensitive data will result in tangible financial impacts to an organisation.


As telecommunications companies and their networks are increasingly being considered part of a nation's critical infrastructure, they become targets for nation state attacks.  Disruptions of service and data leakage are both key threats that could severely damage key national infrastructure.

Zimbani understands that the one-size-fits-all approach does not meet the needs of customers faced with legacy systems, different types of assets, and evolving regulatory frameworks. We work with providers of best of breed products to develop solutions that are adaptable to the context of the customer. This includes the regulatory, operational and environmental context of the application and IT systems. 

Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking

Improve the resilience of critical infrastructure by reducing the vulnerability of individual components.  By providing enhanced protection and interdiction systems along with secure information sharing and collaboration capabilities, to enable 24/7 operations plus efficient and effective staff use of both corporate ITC and SCADA systems.