Zimbani is a strategic security and technology advisor to the Australian Educational market, our work has resulted in innovative strategies and architectures that have provided transformative change in the sector.

New technology models for delivering on demand access to students and staff in a secure and cost effective fashion are driving the industry.  Finding the right balance between having transparent and open networking architecture whilst providing protection to sensitive data is key to success for secondary, higher and vocational education institutions.  

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Banking & Finance

Financial loss, reputational damage and regulatory compliance are some of the major factors financial institutions need to take into consideration while still needing to achieve the business goals of profitability and growth.    

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The public sector is being asked to innovate to provide higher levels of service at the same time reduce expenditure and consolidate infrastructure.

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Continuous monitoring and assessment needs to occur on Operational Support Systems.  Known state recovery, vulnerability assessment & remediation, advanced persistent threat protection, security event monitoring, privilege access management, network intelligence and penetration testing are all key to preserving the availability and integrity of telecommunication networks.  In a competitive market, protecting customer data on Business Support Systems is paramount.  Loss of consumer confidence in a carrier's ability to preserve a customer’s privacy and protect their sensitive data will result in tangible financial impacts to an organisation.

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