Security Advisory

Having the confidence you are getting the best security advice does not have to be a continuous cost to your organisation.

To meet your challenges within the evolving threat and regulatory landscape we help organisations do this in a pragmatic and cost effective approach by providing impartial, independent advice to help you maintain your information security management.

You get the best of breed industry security professionals "on-tap", with team members highly-regarded and well-established in the security community, each averaging over 15-years' Information Security experience.

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IT Security Governance and Risk Management

We understand that strategic investment in managing information security is both necessary and valuable and forms the building blocks for effective information security management. Through a consistent and measurable approach, and by practical experience managing information security risk, we help organisations meet their GRC objectives by defining robust frameworks, cost effective tooling and establishment of repeatable processes definition.

We can build a complete Security Management Framework, or focus on specific areas that may require our expertise to establish or extend security capability and risk management within your organisation.

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Threat & Vulnerability Management

Enterprises require methods to prevent, detect and respond to security threats - in real time - across heterogeneous networks. 

We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access within the enterprise, resulting in enhanced clients ability to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of an ever changing threat landscape. With Zimbani as your data security support team, your network will adapt to meet security threats as they emerge in a dynamic, real-time threat landscape.

Our suite of data security tools continuously monitor, detect and prevent any malicious attempts to compromise your network and data

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Data Security

Due to a constantly evolving threat, regulatory and technology landscape enterprises require smarter and more effective methods to secure sensitive information from un-authorised disclosure. Data Security should be delivered  in a cost effective and transparent manner that facilitates, rather than impedes the business.

Your data security is delivered in a way that saves money, is reliable, transparent, and helps you succeed instead of being a barrier and impediment to success. We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline securing corporate assets within the enterprise, resulting in enhanced clients’ information protection capabilities whilst maintaining user experience.

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Identity & Access Management

To meet the challenges of today’s competitive online e-Businesses, enterprises now require new methods to manage and secure access to sensitive information and applications across multiple systems as well as delivering these services in a cost effective manner to both internal employees as well as external clients without compromising on security.

We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access within the enterprise, resulting in enhanced clients’ identification and verification management capabilities.

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