Next Generation Firewalls

Realising technology is shifting to a more centralized application centric gateway architecture which is software driven, and adaptable to continuously evolving threat vectors we work with the best of breed solutions to help achieve your secure service enablement.

Today's challenges need solutions with a robust and easily manageable approach to address user and application identification rather than service or IP driven rules to secure your network.

We leverage our deep insight of complex problem spaces by designing, implementing and managing the Next Generation firewall technologies to address your concerns around data leakage, identity awareness, intrusion prevention, application awareness and compliance obligations.


AlgoSec Security Management Suite

As corporate networks, data centers, and the security infrastructure that protects them continue to grow in size and complexity, so too does the security policy. Firewalls, routers and web gateways not only filter network traffic for improved security, but also enable connectivity needed for critical business applications to function.

Manually managing complex security polices across devices and operations teams to address business requirements, as well as security and compliance mandates, has become inefficient and error-prone. Oftentimes the result is an increase in costs, unnecessary risk and the inability of security and operations teams to keep up with the speed of the business.

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite delivers an automated and application-centric solution for managing complex policies across firewalls and related security infrastructure to improve both security and business agility. The AlgoSec Suite bridges traditional gaps between security, network and application teams by combining Algosec BusinessFlow, FireFlow and Firewall Analyzer to:

  • Streamline security operations and change management
  • Ensure continuous compliance
  • Maximise application availability and service delivery
  • Deliver a tighter security policy that offers better protection against cyber-attacks

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Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall

Fundamental shifts in application usage, user behaviour, and network infrastructure have resulted in an evolved threat landscape that has exposed weaknesses in traditional port-based firewall protection. Users are accessing an increasing number of applications with a wide range of device types, often times to get their job done, yet with little regard to the business or security risks. Meanwhile, datacenter expansion, network segmentation, virtualization and mobility initiatives are forcing you to re-think how to enable access to applications and data, yet protect your network from a new, more sophisticated class of advanced threats that are adept at evading traditional security mechanisms.

Historically you were left with two basic choices, either block everything in the interest of network security or enable everything in the interest of business. These choices left little room for compromise. Palo Alto Networks pioneered the next-generation firewall to enable you to accomplish both objectives—safely enable applications while protecting against both known and unknown threats.

The Palo Alto next-generation firewall acts as the basis of an enterprise security platform that is designed from the ground up to address the most sophisticated threats. Unique to the Palo Alto platform is a traffic classification that natively inspects all applications, threats and content, then ties that traffic to the user, regardless of location or device type. The application, content, and user—the elements that run your business—then become integral components of your enterprise security policy. The result is the ability to align security with key business initiatives:

  • Safely enable applications, users and content by classifying all traffic, determining the business use case and assigning policies to allow and protect the relevant applications.
  • Prevent threats by eliminating unwanted applications to reduce the threat footprint and applying targeted security polices to block known vulnerability exploits, viruses, spyware, botnets and unknown malware (APTs).
  • Embrace mobile computing by ensuring devices are properly configured and that they are protected from threats.
  • Protect your datacenters through validation of applications, isolation of data, control over rogue applications and high speed threat prevention.
  • Secure cloud-computing environments with increased visibility and control; deploy and maintain security policies at the same pace as your virtual machines.

Your business groups are either already using, or demanding to use, the latest and greatest applications for both personal and professional purposes. The Palo Alto enterprise security platform allows you to support business initiatives while improving your overall security posture and reducing security incident response time.

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Check Point

Check Point 3D Security

Check Point 3D Security redefines security as a 3-dimensional business process that combines policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security - including network, data and endpoints. To achieve the level of protection needed in the 21st century, security needs to grow from a collection of disparate technologies to an effective business process. With 3D Security, organisations can now implement a blueprint for security that goes beyond technology to ensure the integrity of all information security.

Check Point 3D Security enables organisations to redefine security by integrating the three dimensions listed below into a business process:

  • Policies that support business needs and transform security into a business process
  • Security that involves people in policy definition, education and incident remediation
  • Enforce, consolidate and control all layers of security - network, data, application, content and user


Access Control

The Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to securely control access to clients, servers and applications. With detailed visibility into the users, groups, applications, machines and connection types, the Check Point Firewall Software Blade enables network administrators to provide superior protection across the entire security gateway.


The IPS Software Blade delivers complete and proactive intrusion prevention—all with the deployment and management advantages of a unified and extensible next-generation firewall solution. Complementing Check Point’s firewall protection, IPS software blade further secures your network by inspecting packets traversing through the gateway. It offers full-featured IPS with geo-protections and is constantly updated with new defenses against emerging threats.

Application Control

Control access to over 4,800 applications and 240,000 social network widgets with the industry’s largest application coverage. Create granular security policies based on users or groups to identify, block or limit usage of web applications and widgets like instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, VoIP, games and more. Enables companies the ability to balance security and business needs.

Logging and Status

Transforms data into security intelligence with SmartLog, an advanced log analyzer that delivers split-second search results providing real-time visibility into billions of log records over multiple time periods and domains.

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