Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management empowers organisations to successfully manage mobile technology through an integrated solution for mobile security, mobile device management and mobile application delivery.

What does MobileIron do?

MobileIron secures and manages mobile apps, documents, and devices for global organisations. MobileIron is available as a highly scalable on-premise or cloud solution.

The MobileIron architecture has three main components:

  • End-user services to secure and manage email, apps, docs, and web. These services are directly accessed by end users from their devices. MobileIron provides delivery, configuration, and data-at-rest protection.
  • Intelligent gateway to secure and manage access to the enterprise. This gateway securely tunnels traffic from the end-user services to back-end enterprise resources like Exchange, app and web servers, and SharePoint. This gateway is called MobileIron Sentry and it protects data-in-motion.
  • Policy and configuration engine to ensure mobile apps, docs, and devices can be managed end-to-end at global scale. The engine is called the MobileIron VSP for on-premise deployments and the MobileIron Connected Cloud for cloud deployments.

Mobile Content Management

The widespread adoption of consumer mobile technology is driving organisations to become “Mobile First” by embracing mobility as the primary IT platform for the enterprise. End-users expect everything from email to sensitive business files on mobile devices, and they are often already accessing these tools - with or without IT’s approval.

So how can IT preserve the mobile user experience that is driving adoption in the first place without sacrificing content security?

MobileIron Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and other enterprise content repositories such as SharePoint, while letting the administrator establish controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution. With Docs@Work, organisations enable end-users to be productive on mobile devices of their choice.

Why does MobileIron matter?

Mobile is how people work in the post-PC era, but mobile introduces risk, cost, and usability challenges that traditional IT strategies cannot address. MobileIron enables people to get their work done by:

  • Preventing data loss
  • Mobilizing apps and documents
  • Preserving user experience and privacy
  • Supporting a constantly evolving mobile OS and device landscape
  • Deploying at massive scale to end users across global organisations

This is Mobile IT, which extends far beyond traditional mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM). Mobile IT requires new strategies, skills, and platforms because it is user-led, cross-functional, and operates at consumer speed. MobileIron’s mission is to provide the most trusted on-premise and cloud platform for Mobile IT, dedicated to innovation and customer success.

Advanced Mobile Device Management

MobileIron combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with advanced security, data visibility, apps management, and access control powered by the Virtual Smartphone Platform Architecture. IT administrators can manage and secure the mobile device, data, and apps, from registration to retirement, and quickly get smartphone operations under control. Mobile Data Security, Visibility and Control for Enterprises Phones are replaceable. Data is not. Advanced Mobile Device Management combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with advanced data visibility and security powered by the Virtual Smartphone Management Platform architecture. The administrator can manage the lifecycle of the phone and its data, from registration to retirement, and quickly get smartphone operations under control.

Best of Breed File Sync and Share Solutions

When it comes to file sync and share apps, one size does not fit all. That is why MobileIron partners with best of breed mobile content management companies such as Accellion, Acronis, Box and WatchDox to deliver integrated solutions that provide the security IT requires with the experiences workers demand. These AppConnect-enabled solutions give both groups exactly what they need: workers can access, edit, collaborate and share content from devices they love, and IT gets a powerful set of tools to secure and manage corporate content across devices and platforms and can remain compliant with company and industry standards.

Mobile Security

The MobileIron Layered Security Model - The goal of a Mobile First IT organisation is to serve the needs of the business by establishing the best mobile user experience for the employee. Mobile security should be invisible to the user while still protecting corporate data.

MobileIron’s Layered Security Model protects corporate data without compromising the user experience. It provides the basis for a partnership between IT and employees based on productivity, not restriction, without putting enterprise data at risk.