Data Encryption

Not so long ago, it was much easier to protect your data. Perimeter defenses were in place and there were only so many ways in. Data came in from IT-approved, enterprise-controlled devices and applications. It lived on your servers and storage arrays. It was protected by walling off the outsiders and trusting your insiders.

But things have changed in a big way. Now, more data than ever is collected from more applications, users, devices, and connected hardware, with dwindling amounts of it under enterprise control. New forms of doing business demand easy access from the outside. With the emergence of the cloud, your data may not even be on the inside anymore. And “insiders” with access to your data increasingly include third parties who don’t work for your organisation at all. 

Vormetric addresses industry compliance mandates and government regulations globally by securing data in traditional on-premise, virtual, Cloud and Big Data infrastructures, through:

  • Access Policies and Privileged User Control: Fine-grained control to determine who can access specific data in order to block privileged users such as root as well as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
  • Data Encryption and Centralized Key Management: Lock down data using strong industry approved algorithms coupled with a security appliance for key and policy management.
  • Security Intelligence: Compliance reports and continuous monitoring provide visibility and sophisticated analytics on access to sensitive data.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform consists of product offerings that share a common, extensible implementation infrastructure. This enables simplified management and implementation delivering protection on multiple data security fronts. Working simultaneously across all environments—physical, virtual and cloud—it’s a platform that can be centrally managed. It’s also transparent to users and applications, enabling you to protect structured, unstructured and big-data environments.

Securing Data Where It Lives

By combining encryption at the file system level with integrated key management, Vormetric Transparent Encryption protects and controls access to sensitive data in your Cloud, Big Data, database, and file servers—now and in the future. This is accomplished with no changes to your applications and without altering your infrastructure or business practices. Vormetric Application Encryption enables organisations to design and embed security directly into their applications when necessary. With this solution the data is secured from the application, through transmission, and into storage. Whether you are using Vormetric Transparent Encryption or Vormetric Application Encryption, you will be able to centrally manage access policies for privileged user control, data encryption, key management, and collect security intelligence for use in reporting and anomaly detection.

Detecting Threats and Issuing Alerts

Vormetric understands that protecting your data is good, but not good enough; you need awareness of who and what’s accessing your private and confidential data, including privileged users masquerading as other users. Every time someone attempts to access a resource under Vormetric’s protection, rich logs of who, when, where, which policies applied, and the resulting action can be generated.

Because sifting through the rich granular data of Vormetric’s event logs can be time consuming, Vormetric integrates with leading SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems including HP ArcSight, Splunk, IBM QRadar and LogRhythm, adding to their value with new inside-the-fence awareness. With pre-defined reports and visualizations, you'll be better able to pinpoint which events are worth further investigation.

Vormetric Encryption

Vormetric Encryption - Vormetric Encryption allows enterprises to encrypt sensitive data and files on servers, control access to the encrypted data, and then to report on who is accessing that data. Vormetric Encryption supports all of the major platforms – Linux, Unix, Windows – and this data encryption software can be used in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

This enterprise data encryption solution protects both structured and unstructured data with integrated data encryption, encryption key management and a common infrastructure environment.

Vormetric Key Management

Vormetric Key Management - Focused on critical encryption key management - Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for databases along with the ability to securely vault any encryption key. Vormetric Key Management secures Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption master keys. This enterprise key management can also store encryption keys, symmetric or asymmetric, used by applications and devices across the enterprise. Vormetric Key Management is comprised of two elements: the Vormetric Data Security Manager and Vormetric Key Agent software.

Vormetric Vault

Vormetric Vault

  • Prevent Incidents: Prevent the loss of customers and business that result from unexpected digital certificate and encryption key expiration
  • Strengthen Data Protection: Avoid the costs of a data breach by securely storing encryption keys and digital certificates
  • Avert Compliance Breaches: Evaluate and preserve corporate and regulatory compliance for digital certificate and encryption key strength