Security Training

Training and Awareness drives security awareness across the organisation to ensure the intent of policy, process and controls are well understood by all staff members, in a consistent and proactive manner. The service also identifies relevant regulatory training requirements and ensures that those obligations are met by the organisation.

We specialise in streamlining the education of your people across process, secure application development and compliance requirements.

Benefits Include:

  • Front line defence
  • Measurability of success
  • Minimal investment to empower staff
  • Discover the weakest links


Security Awareness

Zimbani ensures your staff understand the importance of information security, the level of security required by the organisation and their individual security responsibilities. We implement processes and tools to ensure that security awareness is maintained at an appropriate level in your organisation.

Security awareness is typically promoted through an awareness program consisting of computer-based training and the distribution of security specific material such as brochures, posters and internal communications. We add to this approach through highly interactive, real-world scenario based training to ensure your staff are fully engaged in what can sometimes seem a cumbersome process.

Benefits Include:

  • Results driven outcomes
  • Measurability of success
  • Positive, engaging approach
  • Benchmarking your organisation
  • Value to audit and compliance requirements