Information Security

We are trusted advisors in threat management, data protection and Identity and Access Management strategy, consulting and architecture. Zimbani helps companies secure their Data and Technology assets through realistic and achievable methods, knowing that security should not hinder business outcomes. Understanding security objectives and cognisant of technology strategy ensures alignment of common reusable methods in threat management, data protection and Identity management.

At the enterprise level we have developed security management frameworks that have helped organisations to align to industry best practise and understood methods to manage their organisations information security. This includes defining Security Governance, Strategy, Enterprise Security Architecture and Consulting.

Our Information Security Services include:

  • Security architecture development that is based on an Enterprise Security Architecture framework which encompasses clear methods for defining secure architecture, identifying and mitigating risk within solutions, and ensuring relevant control objectives are met.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance obligations such as APRA, MAS and PCI as well as maturity assessments against common standards such as ISO 2700x series.
  • Information Security Policy and Standards development.
  • Information Risk Management and Framework development.
  • Independent 3rd Party Security Assessments.
  • Providing security assurance through security test case development, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Expertise to establish or extend security capability and risk management within your organisation through a comprehensive assessment and pragmatic remediation process.


Strategic and cost-effective approach by providing impartial, independent advice to help you maintain your information security management.

Security Testing

Gain insights into target systems. Years of experience within cross-domain security disciplines provides our customers with real, tangible and usable information to secure your systems.

Security Development Lifecycle

World class security expertise to ensure your software and software development processes are secure, compliant and adaptable to ever-changing threats.

3rd Party Compliance

Ensure that your business partners and service providers complement and not degrade your technology and business environment.

Security Architecture

Creative, business-driven Security Architects, experts in structuring the relationships between process and technical solutions that meet your business needs.

Managed Security Services

Providing a capability to prevent security incidents, protect your assets and respond to incidents in real-time to minimise impact.

Security Strategy

Define and articulate your security landscape and cohesively protect your information assets.

Security Training

Train staff for proactive security awareness and ensure regulatory training requirements are met.



Secure Collaboration

Share data inside and outside in compliance with regulations and security standards.

Mobile Device Management

Empowering organisations to successfully manage mobile technology through integrated solutions for mobile security and device application management.


You'll have automatic, real-time visibility and control of each and every device on your network.

Next Generation Firewalls

Addressing your concerns around data leakage, identity awareness, intrusion prevention, application awareness and compliance obligations.

Real-world Security Training

Immersing employees in a real-world spear phishing experience, within a controlled manner that does not compromise security or create negative backlash from employees.