Preparing for Mandatory Data Breach Reporting - Breakfast

The Federal Government is bringing the Australian Privacy Act into line with similar legislation around the world.

This breakfast will provide an overview of the key amendments associated with Mandatory Data Breach Reporting and discuss how organisations can be prepared for these changes.

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Data, Malware and Botnets in the Cloud Lunch and Learn

By 2020, Gartner reports that 9 out of 10 enterprises will utilise a Cloud Access Security Broker product for their cloud services. Get ahead of your competition and see how Netskope can help your organisation

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Your Exclusive Invitation to Hands-on Security Intelligence Workshop

During this hands-on, exploration workshop, LogRhythm, the Leading Security Intelligence Platform and Zimbani, market leaders in Cyber Security will be your guide through the world of security intelligence and next-generation SIEM. Explore LogRhythm’s SIEM technology through a series of presentations, demos, and guided hands-on use cases.
In this half-day technical workshop, you will have the opportunity to design security policies in a live environment. You will experience first-hand LogRhythm’s ability to gain better visibility to potential cyber activity and detect, block and respond to cyber threats.

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EXCLUSIVE: Netskope lands in A/NZ

13 May 2015: Aims to use the channel to support its growth Hafizah Osman (ARN)

Cloud security company, Netskope, is increasing its focus on the A/NZ region. The company has expanded, with the opening of a new office in Melbourne, inking some new partnerships, and has also made some appointments to support the regional operation. Yu Jing Cheng has been named the company’s A/NZ regional sales director, while Michael See has been appointed as its sales engineering director. Both of them will operate from Netskope’s Melbourne operations.

The company’s also looking to increase its headcount in sales and engineering, especially with the appointment of a channel development manager and a channel inside sales representative.

“We need someone to develop channel strategies for us, with the result of generating more leads. We want to increase our focus and dedication to the channel and these appointments will help us to do just that,” he said.

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Heartbleed Security Vulnerability Affects All

April 8th 2014: Heartbleed has been labelled as “Catastrophic - on the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11” Bruce Schneier

As we have just witnessed with the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL security vulnerability, the computing industry has increasingly come to rely upon shared source code. In this case the OpenSSL code has been reused within many products and service offerings; from appliance-based application content controllers to mainstream cloud service offerings used to establish foundational capabilities such as Google or Amazon Web Services. With interoperability between highly complex systems now the standard, software has grown in complexity and must be maintained adequately.  This reinforces the need for good open-source versus closed software development models.

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